Salama, I am Lisa!

I am a mom, passionate about good food, and a fan of vanilla flavors! I truly discovered vanilla pods during my trip to La Réunion at the Saint-Paul Market and was enchanted by this magnificent scent! Since then, I can't imagine making a cake or pancakes without them! I found some great little tips to optimize their use without wasting this precious spice. I was also tired of not finding quality vanilla, I made some purchases on Amazon and the web but couldn't find that sensation I had at the Saint-Paul Market... So I took the plunge and Vanillia was born. I did it to please myself and also to try to make you discover or rediscover the unique and complex aromas of natural vanilla. Come travel with me!

Our greatest pride

Deliciously committed, Vanillia donates 1% of its sales to replant trees in the Amazon rainforest and wherever needed.

Each vanilla pod you buy allows us to continue protecting the Planet, its inhabitants, and its animals every day.