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DIY Homemade Vanilla Sugar

 Vanilla sugar with vanilla beans from Madagascar or Tahiti

Are you tired of buying overpriced little packets of vanilla sugar? Follow me.

Who hasn't already dreamed of having homemade vanilla sugar! So go for it! It's very simple, economical, and so delicious!

For this DIY, you can choose either white sugar or unrefined cane sugar, both absorb the vanilla aromas perfectly.

Then choose your favorite jar, it must have a lid and close hermetically to preserve all the flavors.

1 • Take 4 "Bourbon Gold Infusion" vanilla beans or 2 "Bourbon Gold Tradition" beans. The "Gold" range has been selected by Vanillia for its warm and chocolatey notes. They have a lower moisture content than "Black" vanillas, which is perfect for vanilla sugar so that the sugar grains do not stick around the beans.

2 • Split the vanilla beans lengthwise with a knife. Scrape the vanilla seeds and incorporate them into the sugar.

3 • Shake the jar firmly (after closing it ;-) to mix the vanilla seeds well with the sugar grains.

4 • Add the remaining scraped vanilla beans that also contain vanillin, the main aroma of vanilla. 

5 • Optional • If you feel like it, you can also blend everything to get vanilla powdered sugar: exquisite!

Once the magical powder is finished, let it infuse for at least 3 weeks to allow the flavors to blend. Shake the jar from time to time

Variant: Vanilla Powdered Sugar
Think about it, every time you scrape vanilla beans to extract the seeds, don't forget to add the remaining scraped beans to your vanilla sugar (or to your homemade Vanilla Extract if you make one). This helps to maintain the vanilla flavor. When the jar is empty, add more sugar and your magical powder will then become: eternal.


Your homemade vanilla sugar is perfect for sweetening your tea or coffee and will undoubtedly enhance all your desserts, yogurts, cakes, jams, or any other gourmet creations!

Enjoy your tasting and happy indulgence!


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