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DIY Homemade Vanilla Powder

Bourbon Pods from Madagascar in DIY Vanilla Powder

Don't throw away your vanilla pods after using them. The vanilla pods will find a second life and delight your taste buds again!

To do this, make vanilla powder!

First, your vanilla pods need to be very dry. For the more patient, you can let them air dry on their own. For the more impatient, I have a little tip for you: Dry them in the oven at 40-50 degrees for about ten minutes. Then break them and put them in a blender until you get vanilla powder. Finally, pour this vanilla powder into a small dry and especially airtight container.

That's it, you've made your vanilla powder, ready to flavor all your sweet or savory recipes! For the dosage, use the tip of a knife as when you scrape your pods.

Enjoy and happy indulgence!





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