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DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla ExtractThe vanilla extract will be your magical elixir for making all your vanilla-based recipes, whether sweet or savory!

Rest assured, it is very simple to make and above all, we only need 2 ingredients!

You just need to find the bottle that will allow you to enhance all these vanilla aromas.

Every time you use a vanilla bean for cooking, especially do not throw it away, it is still full of flavors! Dip it in a bottle that you have filled with rum or another alcohol and let it infuse! Nothing could be simpler!

The vanilla extract will be enhanced over time. Important thing, don't forget to add alcohol so that the vanilla beans are always immersed in the liquid.

If you don't have used vanilla beans, try our specially selected beans for extraction to make your homemade vanilla extract! You can later add all your used vanilla beans to it.

Vanilla extract can also be an excellent gift idea for Christmas. What could be better than a homemade gift to delight the taste buds of your friends or family!

Enjoy your tasting and happy indulgence!

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